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Fishers Mobile Farm - baby goat

Let the countryside come to you with
Fishers Mobile Farm

Fishers Mobile Farm - we bring our farm to you!

Health & Safety

Fishers Mobile Farm have a strict hygiene policy!

All children, staff & any visitors must wash their hands following our sessions. As well as your own hand washing facilities, we can also provide hand wash.

People can become infected through a number of routes including the consumption of contaminated foods, direct contact with animals, contact with animal faeces e.g. camping on agricultural land and person-to-person spread both in families and institutions.

Whilst there is a hazard from a farm visit, this risk can be easily controlled by good hygiene measures.

Fishers Mobile Farm provides a controlled environment, enabling hand washing on your own premises - straight after the session.

Our animals are in clean pens & we pick up any droppings immediately, providing a clean environment.

Fishers Mobile Farm & the Environment:
We are committed to pursuing a green agenda as far as is reasonably practicable.

Here are our:

Sustainability Policy
Risk Assessment Form
Insurance Policy
Animal Licence
Hand Washing Policy

Fishers Mobile Farm - we bring our farm to you!

Ben Heaps
Fishers Mobile Farm,
Four Lane Ends Farm, Preston Road,
Charnock Richard PR7 5LF

T: 07714 917 979

Our animals would love to meet you!